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Shading nets
A range of woven nets offering from 30% to 90% shading..
Close-woven groundcover cloths.

Hail protection
The most effective method of
preventing crop damage from hail and
violent rain.
Extruded nets for fencing in livestock
and for decorative fencing.

Windbreak nets
A range of specially designed nets
for breaking the force of the wind and
protecting crops and livestock.
Insect controll nets
Specially manufactured nets to stop
aphids and other insects from
entering the growing area without
harming the environment.

Screening nets
Nets manufactured to screen areas
from view.

Wine nets
A range of woven mono-filament nets
that protects vine against hail and

Anti-bird nets
Cost-effective nets to efficiently
protect crops from bird preation
without harming the birds.

Support nets for plants
Used horizontally for long-stemmed flowers or vertically for climbing plants and vegetables, the use of this specially manufactured net encourages healthy growth.

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