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SC Curtain Nets
In many exhibition halls the space above display stands is unattractive and
something is needed to hide this from the view of visitors, either by covering the
whole ceiling or breaking up the unsightliness.

At  the same time the water from fire sprinklers must not be impeded
in case of a fire break out. SC CURTAIN NETS provide the answer.

SC CURTAIN NETS are a range of nets especially designed for use at trade fairs
and exhibitions, sports halls (e.g. swimming pools, indoor athletic stadiums,
gymnasiums, etc.) and for use as decoration material for displays.

SC CURTAIN NETS are fire-proofed to B1 standards (DIN 4102 certified) and
conform to the VdS norm for sprinkler nets. If a fire breaks out,
SC CURTAIN NETS will not impede the flow of water from overhead sprinklers.
SC CURTAIN NETS can be printed with company logos, etc.
(due to the mesh size only larger motivs can be printed).

SC CURTAIN NETS are available in white, black, grey and silver.

SC CURTAIN NETS are available in rolls or cut to shape and dimensions as
required by the customer. Cut pieces can be supplied with borders reinforced
by a PVC band and with metal eyelets every 50 cm.


sprinkler improved
Fireproved DIN 4102 (B1)
UV impregnated
Lightweight but strong
100 % recycleable

Different colors available

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